Alisher Morgenstern, a Russian artist and composer, has officially shown his support for the TON cryptocurrency by appointing himself as the coin’s ambassador. In addition to mentioning the currency on several social media platforms, including Telegram and Instagram, the singer also included a reference to the token in his recently released song, “Why?”

Morgenstern has been appointed as an official TON ambassador

Russian rap musician Morgenstern has become one of the most well-known figures in Russian media history, and he has officially established himself as one of the country’s most well-known media personalities. In July 2021, Spotify stated that Morgenstern had surpassed all other Russian artists to become the most streamed artist in the service’s history.

A few lyrics into his freshly released music, “Why?,” Alisher refers to the Telegram Open Network Coin, a cryptocurrency backed by the Telegram messaging app. The singer claims in his song that he has sold all of his Bitcoins and has instead invested in TON.

“I sold all my Bitcoin and bought TON, yeah.”

Alisher encouraged his subscribers to guess how he spent $10 million, which he received as a one-time payment, the day before he released the song. Only a few people have speculated that the Russian super-star spent his money on cryptocurrencies. Morgenstern published a post the next day, in which he informed his followers about Toncoin and explained why he decided to invest in it.

Private TON community

Intending to assist in the project’s future growth, Alisher has announced the creation of a secret community that will be accessible only to individuals who are willing to pay 1 TON in exchange for entrance. The author’s private Telegram channel features unique material, including a new song that will be made available to the general public at midnight on the same day it is published.

Towards the end of his message, Alisher informed his subscribers that he had personally talked with the TON team and decided to continue actively promoting Pavel Durov’s project going forward. Aside from that, the artist has said that TON is now controlled by “the brightest minds of our homeland,” a reference to the Russian Federation. According to the article, Alisher intends to discuss the initiative in further detail in the future.

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