Since the ICO hype of 2017-2018, blockchain and smart contract technology has gone a long way, with the advent of decentralized finance generated by the release of Uniswap v1 leading to a burst of initiatives and protocols ranging from non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to complicated stablecoin farms.

In the past, a project could rely on its brand recognition and previous successes to keep relevant in the community and entice users and developers; however, the ever-evolving ecosystem of intertwined blockchain channels now necessitates a more engaged and imaginative implementation strategy to stay relevant and impress users and developers.

Kishimoto Inu, a venture poised of becoming the hot spot of blockchain-based anime, is one project that got its prominence in the blockchain ecosystem as a first operator in the anime landscape and is now maturing into an all-encompassing ecosystem complete with its own decentralized exchange (DEX), NFT marketplace, VPN service, and Governance token.

The project’s development core set out to complete the second part of its plan, which involves the release of KishiSwap 2.0, the Kishimoto Inu community’s native DEX, after the project’s fruitful covert debut on October 18, 2021. In addition to these achievements, Kishimoto will be listed on the first phase of SaitaMask this week, gaining exposure to hundreds of thousands of prospective new investors.

KishiSwap was a basic anime DEX interface that let users purchase and trade NFTs inside the ecosystem when originally published. KishiSwap 2.0 will now certainly assist in evolving the Kishimoto ICO’s overall protocol, thanks to the addition of a launch site that gives users instant access to anime-based installations that the Kishimoto Inu team has screened to guarantee that only the finest projects make it onto the console to be purchased by community members by using Ethereum or Kishimoto after they are posted. In addition to providing a way for new projects to launch, v2 of the DEX will enable token holders to invest their assets for an attractive yield while also providing a complete analytics package to keep up to date with their latest investment activity and developments on KishiSwap.

KishiSwap will also allow community members to mint NFTs that can be offered on the exchange, allowing anybody to get into the NFT game and make money by developing the next big anime-based NFT series.

NFTs generated on KishiSwap will be eligible to be showcased on Kishimoto’s 3D NFT Marketplace in the future, which is still in the early phases of development. Katsumi (Kishimoto’s DAO token) is also expected to initiate in the next weeks. By actively burning Kishimoto tokens, Katsumi will benefit Kishimoto holders. Katsumi’s “active burn” will not only enhance Kishimoto’s value by purchasing tokens, but it will also reduce the amount in circulation, creating scarcity and driving up demand. Katsumi will be the first token to adopt this “active burn” and will serve as a forerunner for future crypto governance tokens.

Kishimoto began on the Ethereum network but has now developed links to the Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and Avalanche networks, giving cryptocurrency enthusiasts from all around the ecosystem access to anime and the Kishimoto community.

These connections also imply that DEX investors will be able to span blockchains for a minimal charge, such as bridging BSC Kishimoto to ETH Kishimoto.15 BNB ($81 at the time of writing), rather than incurring significant gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain, which may often exceed $150 per transaction.

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