Mars4 Metaverse, a one-of-a-kind initiative that tokenized the face of the Red Planet, has revealed the results of its lucrative NFT auction. Here’s how GameFi’s “early birds” may profit from their virtual property plots.

In just one day, the net volume of NFT sales topped $250,000. Many veteran and amateur NFT players sought to achieve the title of “Mars Landlord.”

Essentially, each Mars4 NFT symbolizes a geographically precise patch of land over the surface of Mars. NASA and other world’s best space research organizations gathered the data for this map. The surface of Mars has been rendered in 3D for an authentic and interactive exploring experience.

With the sale of the first NFTs to buyers, the Mars4 NFT ecosystem launched an epoch-based incentive payout scheme. Holders who purchased Mars4 land NFTs before or during the present epoch (Epoch 1) will get 51% of the protocol’s revenues in the following epoch (e.g., Epoch 2 for contributors of the last Mars4 NFT sale).

All prizes will be delivered following the next NFT sale and will be denominated in Mars4 Tokens or Mars4 Dollars. Between Epoch 0 and Epoch 5, this mechanism will govern the tokenomics of the process. As a result, it is structured to prioritize investors who arrive in Mars4 Metaverse sooner.

More than 56,000 NFTs have been sold as of early Q1 2022, with just about 3,000 NFTs remaining offered for traders in Epochs 2-5.
Mars4 NFTs will function as certifications for virtual sites on Mars as its protocol and ecosystem develop.

Together with Mars4 Dollars, the tokens will be bundled in “survival packages,” allowing their holders to live and earn in a Mars-themed virtual environment.

On October 21, 2021, Mars4 NFTs became online on Ethereum. Mars4 Dollar, its primary native asset, has been added to the spot trading suites of CEX giant Bittrex and premier decentralized platform SushiSwap.

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