After replicating its actual campus as a virtual university on Baidu’s XiRang platform, a prominent Chinese university has become the country’s first academic establishment to enter the metaverse.

Last week, the Communication University of China stated that on December 26, the digital campus conducted an anniversary celebration and awards ceremony that both virtual and actual persons co-hosted.

A visitor's avatar with the first metaverse university in China
A visitor’s avatar at the metaverse version of China’s Communication University – Source:

Viewers in the metaverse may use VR headsets or mobile phones and computers to wander around the virtual campus of the institution, which has taught generations of Chinese news reporters and broadcasters.

The non-blockchain online metaverse platform XiRang, which translates “land of hope,” was initiated by internet behemoth Baidu in December.

In the midst of the epidemic, virtual institutions are becoming more popular, with digital powerhouse Meta (formerly Facebook) vowing to establish ten digitized university campuses this year in collaboration with VR gear maker VictoryXR.

Last November, Stanford University unveiled its first virtual reality classroom, allowing for remote study and engagement.

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